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I had one last class to take for my general studies core and it was only available online. After taking this course I realized that I enjoyed taking a class

Rhonda | NylonCraft

Online classes have allowed me to truly capture the essence of the course content. It really pushed my boundaries as a student to engage myself in the curriculum more than ever.

Jared | Rexam

It's the long-term relationship we have with Proheat that keeps me calling you guys. I trust you, you're quick, and everybody I've ever spoken to there are all great people. Our CEO, Bill, talks about building relationships. That's exactly what Proheat does, and I couldn't be happier.

Chris | C&M Fine Pack

I love the discussion boards in my online classes. Sharing your knowledge and past experiences with other students is easier to do online than in a traditional classroom!

Rex | LNP Engineering Plastics

Taking online classes helped me to pursue my college degree again. I was working a dead end job 16 hours a day, so in order for me to compete for a successful job I must have a degree.

Darlene | Russel Stover